Why Visit Costa Rica | 8 Most Important Facts

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The Costa Rican rainforests are a destination for ecotourism, birdwatching, and other nature-related tourism.

But don’t think that because Costa Rica is packed with natural wonders and activities, Luxury Travel is excluded.

Costa Rica has a lovely offer of Luxury Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Spas, and things to do that you cannot imagine.

I’m sure all these will make your stay in Costa Rica an unforgettable experience.

But before diving into regions, towns, and hotels, let’s talk about the eight essential facts that will clarify “Why Visit Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica

Why Should you Visit Costa Rica?

As I was saying, Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity is undeniable. It’s the birthplace of ecotourism.

Ecotourism has grown in relevance and popularity in this country over the years.

Why Visit Costa Rica
Costa Rica


It’s a country with a vibrant and well-cared-for natural environment that tourists may enjoy yearly.

Costa Rica has an area of more than 19,305 square miles. It contains five percent of the world’s biodiversity, including more than 850 species of birds and more than 6,500 kinds of butterflies, as well as 13,000 varieties of plants, amphibians, reptiles, and over 1600 species of fish.


These numbers might give you an idea about the breathtaking beauty of the country’s rainforests.

Much of the beautiful environment in this nation is due to the government’s efforts to preserve it. However, we must remember that the people should also contribute.

Plants and animal species like sloths and toucans call Costa Rica home.

Ecotourism Costa Rica – Wildlife – Sloth

It’s striking how easy it is to explore all the different ecosystems in Costa Rica.

From dry scrubland jungles and mangrove swamps on the Caribbean Coast up into lush cloud-forested mountainsides along the Cordillera Central Range or down by Panama’s Pacific coast with distinctive sandy shorelines where turtles make nests among the palm trees.

Costa Rica has outstanding natural beauty, with green forests, mangroves, and volcanoes.

You can explore the rainforests or see monkeys on your way to work!

Nature enthusiasts will love this country, which has something for everyone every season.

Wildlife Costa Rica

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The Culture

The culture in Costa Rica is a complex and beautiful mix of two worlds: the European-influenced urban San José and the vast wilderness.

If you visit one or both places, try to visit some museums. You will see unique collections from before Europeans arrived.

Enjoy free concerts at plazas throughout town (occasionally by world-class performers) and grab coffee at any time of day, anywhere, without feeling rushed by waiters constantly asking if they can take your order.

If you head to the Caribbean, expect spicy food cooked in coconut milk and beautifully vibrant colors.

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica – Culture – San Jose

Musically speaking, there is calypso and reggae—a perfect companion for your trip.

Along with these sounds, vivid scenes of life, including colorful clothing patterns adorning the people who inhabit this region’s houses.

If heading North Pacific (Costa Rica), it is likely that we’ll see more rodeos than bullfights; however, both are prominent aspects of Costa Rican culture.

You will also notice cowboys on horses or driving herds across open fields while making their way through long stone fences reminiscent of past centuries before colonization took place.

Those open fields where indigenous tribes roamed freely over what was afterward inhabited by colonial settlers looking for gold and other treasures.

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica – Culture – Costa Rican Cowboy

Costa Rica is a country of cultural contrasts: modern and traditional, natural beauty, and urban bustle.

With their lush, cloud-forested peaks, the mountains go down to beaches where you can swim in warm water year-round or take surf lessons from local experts who know the best spots.

Costa Rica also has an incredibly high literacy rate and happiness index. It’s also home to many natural wonders, from rainforest canopy tours to volcanic pools!

This culture will also run through your veins if you live in a country with no military.

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica – Culture – Soccer Passion

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The “Land of Water”

Costa Rica’s marine territory is much bigger than its land area. It is six times bigger in water than it is on dry ground.

Away from hotels and accessible regions, over 12 maritime areas have been declared reserves or parks, plus those found within national parks or nature preserve systems.

Costa Rica houses about 25 diverse species of dolphins and whales, a numberless range of ray types, and hundreds upon varieties of tropical fish with an assortment of mollusks and sharks.

From land to sea, Costa Rica’s diverse shores offer travelers a range of opportunities for memorable experiences.

You can dive with a PADI license or snorkel on a comfortable catamaran while dolphins and whales search for food. Either way, the waters of Costa Rica are sure to please both new and experienced divers.

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica – The Land of Water – Coast

The rivers are winding and pristine, surrounded by lush vegetation. It’s breathtaking to see the plants growing out from every crevice on the riverbanks, ferns sprouting up right next to wildflowers that bloom with different colors throughout all four seasons as you float past them downstream.

Costa Rica is the perfect location for anyone who wishes to travel and explore various waterfalls or rainforests.

The Land of Water – Waterfalls

But, if you are up for a relaxing vacation with some sun, the beaches will be just what you need.

It’s hard to find this feeling of being far away from it all in today’s day and age, but when you go on vacation somewhere like Costa Rica, there will be many experiences that make you feel as if the world is a million miles away.

The Land of Water – Beaches

The Food

The first thing you’ll notice when tasting Costa Rica’s fruit is how perfect it tastes.

The volcanic soils make all their food taste fresh and delicious without being frozen or shipped from another country!

A visit to the top international cuisine restaurants is a must, but you should not miss out on Costa Rica’s family home-style meals.

Suppose you’re into different tastes and textures. In that case, this world region has a new view for you to explore with breathtaking surroundings topped off by thrilling adventures before ending in relaxing hours spent at one of their many eateries.

Reasons to Visit Costa Rica – Fast Food Costa Rica

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The Adventure

You can enjoy a day at the park with all the available activities. From rappelling waterfalls to hiking in lush jungles, Costa Rica has plenty of adventures for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike!

Along with countless wildlife sightings, from monkeys to sloths, there are exciting opportunities like horseback riding or mountain biking through spectacular scenery.

Keep your camera ready, as these memories will last forever in photos full of color and excitement.

You can find soft and thrilling adventures for children or less adventurous people.

There are great hanging bridges that you can go on the tops of the forest, aerial trams which slowly glide to see nature from another perspective, and rescue centers where you get a chance to feed animals.

Visit Costa Rica – Adventure

National Parks

Natural parks, animal refuges, ecological reserves, and pure nature-protected areas abound in Costa Rica.

In reality, reserves and national parks safeguard over a fourth of Costa Rica’s natural terrain, including two parks designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cocos Island National Park and La Amistad National Park

It is a great place for people who want to feel like real explorers because there are many options for active tourism.

On the other hand, several factors combine to make Costa Rica one of the most appealing nature destinations in the world.

It is not only one of the Latin American nations with the most tourist diversity, combining sun, beach, and ecotourism alternatives, but it is also one of the safest in the area, with an excellent tropical climate that is comfortable all year.

Adventure – National Parks

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Surfing is just the tip of Costa Rica’s water-sports iceberg. On both coasts, you’ll find everything from beach breaks to some of the best lefts in Central America at Pavones—the second-largest wave on Earth!

Between beginner and pro-level surfing lessons, there are plenty more activities, including stand-up paddle surfing (SUP), kiteboarding, boogie boarding, or even windsurfing, if that’s your thing.

Reasons People Visit Costa Rica – Watersports

Costa Rican People

Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world. And to confirm that, you have to meet its people.

Costa Ricans are some of the kindest, warmest, and most welcoming people I have ever met.

They will go out of their way to help you without thinking twice because they want nothing more than someone else’s day to be as perfect as theirs can make it!

One of the most important things for Costa Ricans is ensuring their visitors are happy with them and their country.

During your visit to Costa Rica, you will learn that people often say “con gusto” (with pleasure) instead of “de nada” (you’re welcome).

It’s essential to make their guests feel welcome and appreciated while they’re in their beautiful country.

Be prepared for your soul to be caressed by smiles from genuinely happy people.

People – Pure Life

The “Pura Vida” Philosophy

Pura Vida is the first two words that you will hear and easily distinguish as you arrive in Costa Rica.

Pura Vida is a state of mind, an attitude, and the meaning of pure life. It’s used to say hi or bye; it doesn’t matter who says what because everyone uses this phrase with pride without discrimination between social classes, age groups, or geographical locations.

These people are immersed in aggressive nature—volcano eruptions, among other things like the sounds of howling monkeys and drumming rain over roofs—and they’ve grown used to these natural phenomena because their culture has been built around them for centuries.

Nothing in Costa Rica is light! Everything is intense, and Pura Vida is merely a symbol that gathers this in two words.

The people have a fire that burns inside them. They are loud and passionate about life, and freedom, although full of tenderness with one another.

And while they might fight for what is right sometimes, they will always be in good spirits.

Pure Life

Final Thoughts

Costa Rica is an incredible country, boasting nature that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world.

Whether it is the roar of howler monkeys or toucans flying elusively through palm trees, or an empty sandy beach with golden waves splashing at sunset, it is why a traveler will be content and happy without any other worries of life.

With its stable government and extraordinary safety levels, Costa Rica has become a haven for tourists and locals.

More and more direct flights to international airports and heavy investment by hotel brands in some of the most luxurious facilities you’ll find anywhere make Costa Rica one of Earth’s most popular travel destinations today.


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