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Unlike other months, deciding to travel in December needs careful consideration of various factors. Not only must we examine places to avoid this month owing to weather and other factors, but we must also determine if we want beaches and heat or, on the contrary, a holiday in December with a Christmas mood.

Where is the Best Place to Travel in December

So, where is the best place to travel in December?

These are my preferred travel destinations for December and why I believe they’re the best.

You simply need to decide if you want to visit a chilly destination or seek heat, visit towns with Christmas markets or sunbathe on a beach, go on a cultural or historical tour, or immerse yourself in nature.


Los Cabos is a gorgeous beach location in Mexico on the Baja California peninsula’s southern edge.

It has mainly lovely, bright, and mild weather all year.

Although each season has its appeal, the ideal months to visit Los Cabos are December and May, when you’ll find practically perfect weather and fewer tourists than at other times.

PHUKET, Thailand

Phuket is undoubtedly Thailand’s most fabulous all-around destination, with magnificent beaches, natural landscapes, cultural ties, and fantastic food experiences.

The greatest time to come is from mid-October to mid-February when the weather is cold and dry thanks to northeast monsoon winds sweeping in from Siberia.

Travel in December – Los Cabos – Vania Medina

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic

From late November to February, the weather in Punta Cana is terrific, with breezy mornings and nights. Rain showers are uncommon at this time of year, and temperatures range from the low to mid-eighties Fahrenheit during the day.

Being a prominent tourist destination, the Dominican Republic has numerous contemporary comforts, and visiting will not be a cultural shock.

Travel in December – Punta Cana – José Casado

KEY WEST, Florida, USA

Key West is one of the most fascinating and one-of-a-kind cities in the United States. The city is tropical and eccentric, located at the very point of the Florida Keys.

The fairytale architecture and carnival-like ambiance add to the overall laid-back feel.

Winter is the busiest season in Key West, lasting from November through February. Expect warmer days and colder, windy evenings as the Christmas season arrives in sunny South Florida.

Travel in December – Key West – Amber Kipp


Puerto Escondido is a relaxed town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Oaxaca. It has some of the largest and fiercest waves in Mexico, making it a popular surfing destination.

There isn’t much to do in Puerto Escondido. It’s a small town several hours away from the nearest big city.

Puerto Escondido is the place to go if you want to get away and spend your days reading on the beach and eating freshly caught seafood without feeling the need to sightsee or do some touristy things.

Travel in December – Puerto Escondido – Zeltzin Tuxtla


Hiking, glacier watching, animal spotting, and fjord sailing are all popular outdoor activities in December around Chile.

Chileans visit the coast this month, making Valparaiso and Via del Mar congested; nevertheless, most Santiago residents visit during this month, keeping the city less crowded than usual.

Travel in December – Santiago – Francisco Kemeny

AUCKLAND, New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest metropolis, with a population of over 1.5 million people.

The warmer months of December to March are ideal for visiting this section of New Zealand. Expect long, bright, sunny days with temperatures ranging from 61°F to 75°F.

It’s an excellent time to explore the beautiful beaches or participate in outdoor activities like hiking and mountain biking.

Travel in December – Auckland – Partha Narasimhan

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

Cape Town routinely features the world’s most beautiful cities on lists due to its stunning panorama of mountains and beaches.

It is also South Africa’s cultural capital, with many artistic venues, historic sites, and world-class restaurants.

If you want great weather and a celebratory spirit, the best time to visit Cape Town is unquestionably December or January—the height of the South African summer.

Travel in December – Cape Town – Tobias Reich


The ideal time to visit Dubai is from October to April when temperatures are lower than in the summer. During this peak tourist season, you’ll discover lots of events to attend, stunning beaches to visit, and accommodation offers.

The most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai, such as the souks, the Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Mall, are open all year.

Travel in December – Dubai – Christoph Schulz


Winter in Las Vegas can be rather pleasant: even in January, the coldest month, the temperature seldom falls below freezing.

December is an excellent month to spend some time in Las Vegas. The temperature and the number of visitors drop significantly. Meanwhile, Christmas displays are everywhere, and if you like lights, you’ll spend a lot of time photographing them.

Las Vegas hosts one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve parties. Hundreds of thousands of people go to the Strip to celebrate.

Travel in December – Las Vegas – VOO QQQ


The famous Golden Triangle is one of India’s most renowned tourist circuits. It receives its name from the triangle formed by the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The towns around 125-155 miles apart in northern India give a traditional and unforgettable introduction to the nation and its beauties.

For much of India, the end of the monsoon season signals the beginning of bright, sunny skies and the start of the tourist season.

Winter temperatures in December are pleasant during the day but maybe a little chilly at night.

Travel in December – Golden Triangle – Sylwia Bartyzel

ZERMATT, Switzerland

With its unique pyramid shape, the Matterhorn is one of the world’s most recognizable mountain peaks. It is the 12th tallest peak in the Alps, at 14,692 feet.

Zermatt is the nearest town to the Matterhorn and is often regarded as the best starting place for exploring the mountain and its surroundings.

Winter is peak season around the Matterhorn, with a ski “arena”—a network of slopes and ski lifts—busting at the seams with skiers and snowboarders.

There are also a limited number of winter hiking and snowshoeing paths and snow parks for tubing and sledding. Though year-round skiing is on a few of the ski arena’s highest slopes, the winter ski season lasts from November to April, depending on temperatures and precipitation.

Zermatt has a significant après-ski scene, with pubs and restaurants both in town and on the mountainsides leading down from the slopes.

Travel in December – Zermatt – Gabriel Garcia Marengo


Chamonix is situated atop Mont Blanc, which hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924.

Mont Blanc is Europe’s tallest peak and a fantastic playground for expert skiers.

The steep descents and rugged off-piste terrain are not for the faint of heart.

Suppose you’re not looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush. In that case, Chamonix might still be a terrific place to visit because the town has everything from museums and casinos to amusement parks and dog sledding, along with a vibrant nightlife and after-hours scene.

Travel in December – Chamonix – Gonz DDL


Telluride is considered one of the top ski resorts in the United States and one of the best in Colorado.

Telluride receives about 300 inches of snow annually and has 300 days of sunlight.

The mountain is tall, with a base elevation of 12,570 feet and a peak elevation of 13,150 feet above sea level.

Telluride, a little eight-by-12-block hamlet, is a charming European-style village in a gorge of majestic mountain peaks.

Because of its mining history in the nineteenth century, Telluride has been designated as a National Historic Landmark District.

Mountain Village, a tiny adjacent hamlet, gives access to the ski resort and national forest.

A 13-minute gondola ride connects both villages.

Travel in December – Telluride – Chad Madden


Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol and the largest alpine city, is set in an upper valley between two mountains.

For tourists, it is about equidistant between Munich and Verona, with excellent train connections to Salzburg and Vienna and slightly more difficult travel to Hallstatt.

Innsbruck is well-known for its winter sports facilities. There have been many recent winter Olympics and Paralympics hosted there, and the First Winter Youth Olympics in 2012.

Travel in December – Innsbruck – Nicole Baster

Final Thoughts

Many people consider December to be the most wonderful month of the year.

A period of widespread illusion celebrated significantly in the primary cities of practically every nation on earth.

Because of this, many people choose to take advantage of different travel options during those specific times so that they may have a good time in a different part of the world.

Whatever your preference is, December is a great month to keep discovering our world.

Travel in December – Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


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