The Serengeti’s 8 best luxury lodges for your dream safari in Tanzania

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Tanzania has become a popular destination for travelers.

A safari in Tanzania is one of the best you can experience in Africa, given the extraordinary wildlife, people, culture, and millenary cities and towns you will find in this magnificent East African country.

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Whatever Safari circuit you decide to go to, there is, without a doubt, an excellent luxury hotel, resort, or safari camp where you can stay.

I will begin by talking about the Serengeti.

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Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is Africa’s most exotic destination.

Very well known for the extraordinary amounts of different species, the Great 5, and the Great Migration of two million animals, a safari here guarantees to be memorable.

The endless plains of Serengeti’s National Park are amongst the wealthiest pasture grounds in African bushland.

The number of wild animals that roam this area is entirely breathtaking. There are many zebras with their funny stripes, lions roam in packs side by side like old buddies, and giraffes standing tall at 18 feet high to reach for those delicious higher leaves on trees.

More than 180 species live here, making it an oasis not just for humans looking to evade modern life but also if wildlife seeking refuge amid changing times.

Explore Serengeti Africa soon, before its secrets spread all over the world.

These are the best Lodges in the Serengeti region for you to stay at on your next safari trip.

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Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti Tanzania

Welcome to Tanzania’s premier Safari Lodge, situated on the banks of Lake Victoria in Tanzania’s spectacular and unspoiled Northern Region.

You can find this luxury hotel within the Serengeti National Park.

The modern rooms come with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, tea, and coffee-making appliances, as well as luxurious four-poster beds complete with mosquito nets.

Upgraded rooms have views of either the watering hole or the Serengeti Plains, while Suites add a separate living room to accommodate guests who want their own space from time to time–or for those wanting some privacy.

Amenities include three restaurants, two bars, including an open-air bar perfect for watching sunsets over Africa’s most beautiful scenery, spa & pool, which are sure to be highlighted during your stay here at this fantastic property.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is a stately Edwardian manor house that features a light and airy atmosphere, panoramic views of the flora-filled landscape, an immense sense of freedom for guests to roam outside all day in their private world.

This lodge also has luxurious modern amenities with silver candelabras and antique furnishings such as tribal cushions found throughout the grounds. It’s hard not to get lost here admiring every detail from room service menus by candlelight at nightfall or fluffy white bathrobes waiting on you when it’s time for bed.

The guest cottages provide guests with complete privacy and a tranquil environment to enjoy the scenery of this stunning location. Each cabin features an en-suite bathroom, dressing area, living room, or fireplace from which you can take in the beauty that surrounds you.

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Singita’s vision is to help guests escape the stress of everyday life and experience nature in its many forms.

The lodge illuminates a relaxed approach to luxury with every detail.

Large windows let you watch migrating wildlife and enjoy views over rolling hills.

Discover pristine wetlands filled with birds and wildebeests while enjoying five-star service by an attentive staff who are always on hand for anything your heart desires.

Singita Faru Faru Lodge ensures each guest feels pampered thanks to the interior design throughout the property.

The design allows you to experience an unbroken connection between yourself and nature around you, both inside & outside, whether it be lounging under towering palms in the central area or watching the brown hyena and her pack of cubs at sunset from your bedroom balcony.

For those who appreciate nature with a touch of exclusivity, you will find nowhere else a place quite like Singita Faru Faru Lodge. It truly is Tanzania’s ultimate safari getaway.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Singita Sabora Tented Camp is a new type of African safari with an infusion of modernity.

The tent’s luxurious interiors are full of rich textures, forward-thinking aesthetics, and essential elements like fireplaces for comfort in every corner to make this the best experience possible.

It also includes luxury tents that have incredible views on one side and private plunge pools or outdoor showers from which you can enjoy irresistible sunsets over the plains at sunset time while sipping champagne out under your mosquito netting canopy bedding!

The setting for Sabora Tented Camp is within 350,000 acres of protected wilderness in the Singita Grumeti region, which provides guests with a “hard to match” seat to some of the most famous game viewing on the continent, including the Great Migration.

Singita Mara River Tented Camp

Located on a dramatic riverbend in the remote Lamai triangle of Serengeti, this permanent tented camp is an upscale take on classic East African safaris.

This unique setting allows visitors to experience life as it was before modernization.

Relaxed & contemporary elegance sets the tone for laidback luxury that underpins every detail and indulgence.

Natural fabrics, canvas, stone, and natural leather blend with primary Masai colors, while elegant art pieces by young designers stimulate your senses.

The camp strives to connect people with nature and promote sustainable tourism.

The setting is off the grid, so they rely on a custom-designed solar system for power and use recycled or natural materials as much as possible; this encourages guests to live in harmony with their surroundings while experiencing complete relaxation without any worries about modern technology distractions.

Mara River Camp is known for its remote and unspoiled location, providing guests with access to some of the world’s most prized game-viewing opportunities. The vast 98,000 acres provide space for breathtaking views of wildebeest as they make their annual journey through this prestigious migratory route.

andBeyond Klein’s Camp

In a remote place of the Serengeti National Park, Klein’s Camp offers guests an exclusive safari experience.

Perched on the edge of Kuka Hills and commanding breathtaking views down the valley that borders Tanzania’s national parks like Masai Mara Reserve, it is one for all those who are looking to enjoy great company while exploring wild Africa.

To make your stay even more memorable, you can indulge in some new arts & crafts from Maasai culture or take part in night drives where anything could happen!

andBeyond Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp

Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp is situated on the banks of a tributary that attracts wild game. This remote lodge offers unparalleled exclusivity with its feeling of being removed from civilization, making for one-of-a-kind hunting and wildlife viewing experiences.

This camp has rustic yet sophisticated vibes that make you feel at home and part of the family. All ten tent suites have a private veranda with views over the river, so it’s perfect for relaxing during your stay here.

The interior colors combine hues of wildebeest grey with accents made out of natural stone and bone; there are also shower towers open to sun and stars on this property!

Every guest will enjoy sitting/dining spaces that include glass pendants or domed bars decked in whimsical touches inside.

Serengeti Migration Camp by Elewana

Serengeti Migration Camp is a place that will make you feel immersed in the wilderness.

Located next to Grumeti River, it’s famous for its resident hippos and game viewing with high impact. But at the same time, with low impact experiences like walking safari tours through endless grassland plains full of magnificent species.

All this makes you feel closer than ever before to the resident wildlife, thanks to a guide who knows these ancient lands better than anyone else alive.

Serengeti migration camp offers intimate travel experiences. Guests can explore untouched land on foot on guided walks or explore hidden caves tucked away among mountain ranges.

The Elewana Serengeti Migration Camp mixes into the environment as it’s hidden among rocky outcrops.

It is located at the starting point of every migration. It offers 20 luxurious elevated tents with spacious bedrooms and a split-level lounge, restaurant, and viewing platforms that offer views over the river and the beautiful African landscapes.

Serengeti’s main tent has a swimming pool that overlooks wild game drama occurring in their proximity.

The Serengeti National Reserve is a natural spectacle that has been enjoyed and admired for decades.

From the dramatic Kopjes in the north to acacia dotted endless plains, it’s not just African animals that make this safari so remarkable; there are breathtaking views of wildlife all around.

No place in Tanzania can match the charm of Serengeti. It might well be Africa’s most famous park.!


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