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Los Cabos. Many capes form the region at the southern end of the Baja California peninsula, therefore its name (The Capes). Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are probably the most known and famous, but other capes in the zone are great places to visit while traveling there.

Los Cabos Area Map

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a coastal city at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico.

In addition to being the scene of beautiful desert landscapes and beaches, it is also a top-rated destination, known worldwide as the Capital of Marlin and home of the Arch, where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez meet.

After the Spanish conquest, Cabo San Lucas was established as a fishing town with a tiny population. Still, its marine wealth made it a favorite destination for fishermen in search of large species.

Today, Cabo San Lucas has some of the most luxurious resorts globally, a first-class marina, and the largest and most recognized fishing tournament in the world, Bisbees.

Also, Cabo San Lucas is still the favorite destination for Hollywood celebrities and Global personalities searching for privacy and thousands of people who come to enjoy its nightlife, the best sportfishing, and a wide variety of activities.

The Arch

The Arch is the distinctive icon of Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos; it is a rock formation that rises from the sea at the tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.

Also known as the “End of the Earth”, El Arco is the most popular tourist attraction and the central focus of countless photos of those who visit Los Cabos.

You can get to The Arch in different types of boats, and while you are there, you can enjoy colonies of sea lions and practicing water activities such as paddleboarding or snorkeling.

San Jose del Cabo

The second famous Cabo in Los Cabos.

A much more traditional Mexican town with beautiful architecture at the Main Square’s, the center of San José del Cabo has become an Art District.

You can find art pieces from different parts of the world, mainly traditional Mexican art and local creations, making it an excellent place to shop and eat.

San José del Cabo also has a picturesque world-class marina facing the Sea of Cortez and stunning golden sand beaches, with famous surf spots.

It is home to extraordinary wildlife, with seabirds, gray whales, and baby turtles going to the sea for the first time.

San Jose del Cabo
Photo by: Yetasoli (CC)

Historical Center

An excellent place to start your visit is in the heart of San José del Cabo, in the charming main square, Plaza Mijares.

This colonial-style plaza is lined with trees and has an attractive bandstand and open-air theater where various cultural events occur throughout the year.

Plaza Mijares is the center of all the action in San José del Cabo, on the west side is the Parroquia San José (San Jose Parrish) that was built on the site of the San José del Añuiti mission.

On the other side, in a beautiful building from 1891, you will find the Los Cabos municipal office.

San Jose del Cabo City Center

San Jose Parish

In 1730 Jesusito Nicolas Tamaral and Father José Echeverria created the mission of San José del Cabo Añuiti next to the beach near the estuary.

(The “Añuiti” name was what the local indigenous people called the site).

Years later, the mission was moved to a place further from the San José parish’s coast today.

Although the Añuiti mission was successful during its early years, in 1733, a rebellion of the natives against the missionaries began, killing most of them, even though the government of “New Spain” sent military support. This rebellion lasted until 1737.

Many epidemics and various rebellions resulted in the spread of the Pericú, the local indigenous people.

In 1840, the mission was first abandoned, and after a few hurricanes, the building was destroyed.

The current standing church that you can visit today was built in 1940.

Photo by: Thelmadatter (CC)

The Art Walk

Every Thursday night, from November to June, the streets of San José del Cabo’s vibrant art district are filled with life and creativity. Hidden behind the San José church, Obregón Street is closed to traffic from 5 to 9 pm for the Paseo de Arte, also known as Art Walk that extends towards Plaza Mijares.

Visit the many galleries and have a glass of wine while enjoying the cultural and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for families, it is an opportunity to meet artists, attend new exhibitions, and experience the artistic side of Los Cabos.

The Gallery District Association created the Art Walk to attract art lovers and tourists. Members are recognizable by distinctive plaques posted in each gallery. Galleries exhibit different art genres, from paintings and sculptures to ceramics, folk art, photography, and jewelry. In this beautiful environment, it is easy to fall in love with the historic center of San José.

If you miss the Art Walk, you can visit the art district simultaneously; most galleries and shops are open every day.

The “Foodie” San Jose

Being Los Cabos a destination full of contrasts, it also implies the kitchen.

San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas have experienced a complete mix of culinary influences worldwide.

The variety of Mexican cuisine is very well represented, with restaurants expertly preparing dishes from various states in the country, proudly celebrating national traditions.

But there is also a substantial global influence thanks to the many international visitors and ex-pats in the region.

The local population is a dynamic mix of people whose ancestors came to these shores from places as far away as China, Japan, Germany, and the Middle East, leaving behind a most delightful legacy.

The San José del Cabo historic center offers visitors many different options and specialties. Along the tourist corridor in the direction of Cabo San Lucas, you can find from the most traditional Mexican dishes to the most gourmet experiences.

San José del Cabo is a delicious culinary place for lovers of authentic Mexican food and those who want to try new specialties due to the cultural mix that Los Cabos has experienced since its inception.

Here is a list of 12 remarkable restaurants you can go to on your next visit to Los Cabos.

Flora Farms / Flora’s Field Kitchen Restaurant

The Organic Market

One of the most favorite activities among tourists and locals is walking throughout the organic market in San José del Cabo. It first started about 16 years ago and in the exact beautiful location for almost ten years now.

It is just a few blocks from downtown San José del Cabo, located in La Huerta María, and it opens every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm from November to May.

Organizers of the organic market have a particular mission: to create a multicultural space that provides local organic products, prepared food, crafts, activities, and educational resources for the community and visitors.

The market offers products and services that originate within the community and exposes the things created and produced in the Los Cabos region.

The Estuary

The Estuary in San José del Cabo is very close to the Los Cabos Hotel Zone.

It is a beautiful oasis that gives life to a natural paradise that carries freshwater during a long journey of more than 40 kilometers, from the mountains of the “Sierra de la Laguna” on the edge of the Sea of ​​Cortez and creates an extraordinary mix between fresh and saltwater, forming an incomparable ecosystem.

The Pericú, the local indigenous people, settled in the estuary and survived for a long time hunting and gathering. Later it became what we now know as San José del Cabo.

Still, even with the construction and development of San José, the estuary was respected, which is why it is currently considered a protected area. Entering with vehicles is strictly forbidden to preserve this natural paradise.

Specialists trained for the proper protection of the estuary carry out activities and tours, where you can kayak and observe the incredible flora and fauna that this beautiful place offers. The activities are usually quite fun and relaxing.

Cabo Pulmo

On the East Coast of the Baja California Sur Peninsula, two hours away from San José del Cabo, you will find Cabo Pulmo.

Cabo Pulmo is a Protected Natural Area and designated a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO, one of the most significant achievements of ocean conservation and the only hard coral reef area in the Gulf of California.

Cabo Pulmo, the National Park, is home to a living coral reef with millions of tropical fish, which makes this place an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling.

Everything you could want, as a diver, is here: tropical fish, stingrays, sea lions, and even the rare golden grouper.

You can also be fortunate enough and see a whale shark.

This protected area has flourished and is an example of what the entire Sea of ​​Cortez was like in the not too distant past.

The Cabo Pulmo National Park reef is considered a treasure of the Baja California Sur Peninsula. It is around 20,000 years old and has more than 300 species of fish, hence its nickname, given by Jacques Custeau, “The Aquarium of the World”.

Cabo Pulmo has become a world-famous place for diving and snorkeling, as well as being the perfect example of ecotourism, ideal for those looking for the quieter and more natural side of Los Cabos.

The water activities in this area provide a close look at the incredible underwater ecosystem of Los Cabos.

The little town of Cabo Pulmo seems to have not changed in decades. There are different kinds of accommodation available and a selection of pretty good restaurants, some small shops, and activity providers, but it’s still like taking a step back in time. The people who live here are helpful and extremely friendly, making a visit to Cabo Pulmo even more enjoyable.

Todos Santos

Todos Santos is a Magical Town with wonderful colonial buildings, local art, Mexican crafts, and delicious typical regional food, made mostly with products from the region. Its secluded beaches are perfect for relaxing, spending the day, and surfing.

According to some, with its charming cobbled streets lined with art galleries and romantic restaurants, it is probably the most beautiful city on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula and home, according to some, to the mythical and legendary Hotel California.

Like many other parts of Baja California Sur and Los Cabos, Todos Santos is changing, and local development is growing. So, it’s a good idea to visit it before it changes completely.

Cabo del Este

One of the main attractions for visitors to Los Cabos is the precious stretch known as Cabo del Este.

It is an isolated, deserted, and silent place — quite a luxurious characteristic in itself.

You have to go through several sand gaps to get there. Still, there are many easily accessible places.

Surfers come from worldwide to enjoy the clear blue waves, and many consider it one of the best places on Earth to surf and visit.

Deep-sea fishing is one of the most popular activities you can do here. But it is not always necessary to embark on a vessel to enjoy fishing; you can walk through the sand to catch beautiful roosterfish or ‘crevellas’ from there.

Courtesy: Visit Los Cabos

Cabo del Este is the large cape that that holds the Cabo Pulmo National Park and a few more areas.

There is a road named ‘Camino Cabo Este’ (East Cape Road) that goes from San Jose del Cabo up to ‘El Campamento’ where it joins the Transpeninsular Highway

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation, romantic getaway, or just some time to explore new places on your own, Los Cabos has something for everyone.

This region at the southern end of Baja California has evolved constantly over the last four decades.

Los Cabos has a great array of options for every kind of traveler, from the beach-party goer up to the most sophisticated and luxurious experiences.


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